November 2022 Monthly Update


Happy November from Datalus, Inc! We've had a productive October and are still head down, build-the-MVP, and preparing for a Birmingham launch in Birmingham mode....

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October 2022 Monthly Update


Welcome friends to our first monthly update as Datalus, Inc. We've re-incorporated in Delaware and are in the process of issuing shares to existing shareholders....

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Datalus Quits Blockchain


When I made the decision to utilize the Solana blockchain for Datalus nine months ago, the idea was that it would provide added value for...

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Datalus, Year Two


Amazingly it's been (almost) a year since I founded Datalus on July 13th, 2021 to help users control and monetize their data. And our goal...

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D Coin (DCN) is Dead; Long Live the Datalus Reward Token (DRT)


It's been a while since our updates, but behind the scenes, a lot is going on as we move to the next phase of our...

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Presale Turned Public Sale


Since we did our market test a few weeks ago and providing some availability, it was hard to justify doing a presale. In that light,...

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Implications of new March 2022 EU, US Data Privacy Agreement


Since the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement that allowed US tech giants to store data for Europeans was struck down in 2020, technology companies have been...

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Our Roast at Snark Tank Live @ SXSW2022


Over the weekend, we traveled down to Austin, TX to visit the GAN Hub, Global Accelerator Network's amazing space with Elastic, Agora, Orbit, Carta, and...

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Sponsoring DevOpsDays Birmingham, AL


At Datalus, we understand the value of automation in our infrastructure from security, flexibility, and cost optimizations. These principles make up the DevOps practice, which...

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Shifting Focus to the Marketplace and Plugin


When I created Datalus, my original thesis was that users would opt to shift their browsing to a new browser that could protect their privacy...

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D Coin Market Test


Datalus Market Test About a week ago, Steve and Mikhail deployed under 1 million d coin D Coin on the mainnet market to conduct experiments. The...

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Why We Are Based on Firefox


When I started Datalus, one of the first decisions I made was whether to base our product on Chromium or Firefox. We do get quite...

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Web2.5 FTW


Web 3.0 does not work for the majority of people and it is web 2.5 that provides a winning foundation, ftw (for the win). In...

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Our Plans at Velocity


We are excited to announce our acceptance into the Velocity Accelerator 2022 cohort. Velocity is a local accelerator in Birmingham, Alabama, that provides 50K in...

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Welcome to 2022!


Some of us ar just getting ready to celebrate New Year's Eve but for a few in the Pacific, it is now 2022. Happy New...

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A Shift to Web 3


I am proud of the amazing advisors that have come on to help guide Datalus. I had asked each one of them to join because...

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Creating a Fair and Transparent Data Marketplace


We are tracked every time we turn on our devices and access the wealth of data directly on the device and remotely through visiting websites...

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