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We are tracked every time we turn on our devices and access the wealth of data directly on the device and remotely through visiting websites and using apps. Currently, we leak this data without much information or say to whom it is distributed. The European GRPC helps by setting up rules and transparency guidelines but how often do we actually read the opt-in fine print? According to a 2019 Pew study, 89% of Americans are concerned about the use of their private data but we are still required to read the long Terms of Service and are threatened with decreased functionality if we choose not to opt-in. By putting the burden on the user, companies shirk their transparency responsibility and share your data as they see fit. Datalus will change that by blocking third-party tracking and ads, forcing companies to compete for your data in our marketplace where you choose with whom to share.

The browser like any application can capture screen and input information when it is the active application. Depending on the device it can also capture further data. A web page a user visits can also store some information. By allowing
third-party ads and cookies, websites can capture other identifiable information. A website and browser can track your ip, browser, operating system, device architecture, web page, and time of the visit. Additional permissions may also let it see your GPS location and javascript allows for checking your current screen resolution. By blocking third-party URLs we at Datalus block a lot of this tracking that is not done by the website you are visiting, that website can still have all this information.

This is only half the story, there is other information that companies need, such as your demographic and socioeconomic information combined with your browsing history. Without it, your information is not as valuable. Datalus offers users and companies the best of both worlds. Companies can choose which fields and fidelity (detail) they require and what they are willing to pay our users. The user then gets notified and gets to decide if they want to share the specific information with the specific company. They may also just want to allow that company’s tracking cookie or ads to be displayed on websites they visit.

Datalus thus provides the best of both worlds, it allows users more secure browsing that does not leak information to third parties, but allows companies to gain that and more by the express permission of the user. Even though we stand in the middle, we create a direct connection between the users and the companies they wish to target and sell to them. This shared equity also forces out existing middlemen and brokers and users of indirect user data such as Facebook and Google.

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