Datalus Quits Blockchain


When I made the decision to utilize the Solana blockchain for Datalus nine months ago, the idea was that it would provide added value for ourselves, our users, and our data buyers. That idea has not panned out. The regulatory identification requirements, offramp difficulty, added costs, and most importantly, usage complexity means that for our users, Datalus will launch in the US, first in Birmingham AL on our own internal database, paying users USD for their data. The goal remains the same, to allow users to control their data. We do that through privacy and monetization that serves our customers and our users while creating a better world for us all. Long term, our goal is to provide anonymous offramping and blockchain transparency for each Datalus transaction but the value is limited for our target markets and does not overshadow our compliance requirements as a proud US company.

Mikhail Kozorovitskiy
Founder, Datalus

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