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Amazingly it's been (almost) a year since I founded Datalus on July 13th, 2021 to help users control and monetize their data. And our goal is still the same as ever, though we have gone through a couple of pivots. I wanted to update everyone on our plans for our second year.

This summer, we will launch the new browser plugin to allow users to harness their data and opt-in to offers from companies that match their interests. We'll also deploy the Data Marketplace that will allow brands to target and understand where the people who want to connect with them are and their anonymized statistics. They will have a second opportunity for income by opting into offers to view videos, fill out surveys, and provide contact information to the brands and companies they choose.

The number one lesson I learned last year is less talk and more building. In This Week in Startups, it is one of Jason Calacanis' big challenges to the web3 enabled companies and I have taken it on. Today is our first day in his company Launch's Founder University (Cohort 3). Utilizing their program, we will execute the launch of our MVPs and reach a much larger audience of users, customers, and future investors.

Following the completion of the 12-week program, I will look for partners in the venture capital community that want to help build and scale our product. Our goal then will be to reach all corners of the world so that all people can monetize their data and companies can get better insights and connect with users who are excited to hear from them. We will then work to expand our collection to mobile telemetry and eventually the metaverses and AR to better understand the interests of our users.

I've made a good bit of mistakes in year one and will likely make a few in the future, but we will learn, adapt, and overcome. We are building nothing less than a crowd-sourced Nielson of the modern digital world to pay users and help companies, brands, and small businesses understand and connect to their audience. Thank you to all the believers and supporters, your kind words have buoyed me through the hard days and have brought great joy and purpose to our mission. Year two is going to be fantastic, and I cannot wait to share it with you!

Mikhail Kozorovitskiy
Founder, Datalus

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