D Coin (DCN) is Dead; Long Live the Datalus Reward Token (DRT)


It's been a while since our updates, but behind the scenes, a lot is going on as we move to the next phase of our journey. Namely, we needed to change the token's name and have now redistributed the DRT token to all holders of the D Coin.

The re-tokening has taken place for several reasons:

  1. The new DRT token should indicate that the core usage of the coin will be on our data marketplace to reward users for sharing their data. The name change is an essential component of passing or failing the securities test as a US-based company.

  2. I messed up on creating a market maker, preventing us from capitalizing on the coin through a presale. I am now looking for a launchpad partner for the DRT presale. Please, reach out if you are interested.

  3. As a meme token or a joke, the name was acceptable. However, we want significant brands and agencies to sign on to buy user data, and they likely do not want to give our data buyers the D.

We've pulled the liquidity out of the D Coin market after distributing the new token.
If the name does not show up yet, it is coming from this address: Fe9aWgTcboSvNZsE71fVDw3GRr2x9GFxtpEbu5fnKV81

This new tokenization is a step in the professional direction, and I hope you understand why it was necessary. I look forward to being able to launch the DRT presale and re-release it on the public market. If you have any questions, pop into discord or telegram.

More updates for specific events will come as separate updates.All the best. Thank you for your continued support.

Mikhail Kozorovitskiy
Founder, Datalus Corporation

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