D Coin Market Test


Datalus Market Test

About a week ago, Steve and Mikhail deployed under 1 million d coin D Coin on the mainnet market to conduct experiments. The test resulted in some interesting experiences. Our goals were to test our ability to deploy a token on the exchanges and somewhat maintain and control a general price of the token. We used a combination of a book sale and a swap pool and were able to achieve our desired token price and maintain it for the short test period. This provides some basis for us to be able to properly handle the larger coin deployment and provide us insight for deploying our whitelist and presale.

The first step in any blockchain market is to create a market, we were able to do this by creating a serum id. This cost roughly $320. This is an irrevocable move so moving forward anyone can trade their D Coin on the open market. This is excluding Datalus affiliated holders who must hold their token until public sale by agreement. Secondly we generated a liquidity pool with an Auto Market Maker. This AMM auto adjusts the price with demand and filled it with 100k D Coin and 100 USDC. This setup a .001 D Coin price matching our previous sales. We then created sell orders at .0012 and above. We also then deploy a bottom buy, keeping the coin above .001. Anytime the AMM would get below it, our buy would trigger and the pricing would be stabilized.

This dual book and liquidity system works as long as you have USDC to fill your buy orders as well as your swap pool and enough tokens to hedge the totality of the outstanding tokens. Thus doubling the liquidity cost for initialization. To make this possible with our 1.5 billion token drop at .002 valuation will require roughly $1.5 million USD/USDC to back the 750 million of D Coin. Then, to prevent it from dropping below the presale price of $.001, we would need another $375,000 to set a floor with 750 million buy order at .0001. This would allow us to maintain a steady price through the initial offering and the counter could then be slowly added as liquidity to the pool after a certain period of stability.

Our goal is not to fix the price of the D Coin but only to ensure it is a valuable and relatively consistent asset transfer system for our ecosystem, I think we have proven that to be possible. Should inconsistency arise we have enough d coin to facilitate transactions and operate our ecosystem for a significant period of time until we need to buy more coin back from the market. This plan does require $1.25 million in funding and our ability to raise that and further consultation with advisors and legal will determine if we go forward with it.

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