November 2022 Monthly Update


Happy November from Datalus, Inc! We've had a productive October and are still head down, build-the-MVP, and preparing for a Birmingham launch in Birmingham mode. This is coming to an end though by the end of the month.


Had a great first month working with Kevin. He created a new base for our plugin and while his hours are less than what I anticipated, it works out well with my bootstrapping and we are making excellent progress.


I've formally sent out advisor agreements to Kenny Kung and Ethan Summers to join our advisory team and appreciate their already strong contribution.


There are several ongoing efforts.

The Plugin

The new plugin base has been created and it is sending data to our backend ingestion. This month we'll add authentication to our marketplace.

Website & Marketplace

We've implemented an authentication system and are preparing to launch the marketplace waiting list for Birmingham. The website got a slight update.

Founder University

While we did not get to present to Jason as the top 20 out of 200, we were invited (along with all other alums) to an in-person launch for cohort 4, I will be attending this in San Francisco on Nov 14th. The goal is to meet Jason Calacanis and more of the Launch team and introduce them to Datalus and me.

Next Up

We'll launch the waiting list on Nov 14th, directed at our new ICP, “ramen college students,” and the businesses that cater to them. This will be our first attempt at an atomic network.
I am still working on getting all the shareholder issues resolved and will be focusing for a few days on that. Please keep your eyes open for PandaDoc links to sign new paperwork to receive your Advisor/Owner shares.
Raising money, we'll need to do that as soon as the MVP is complete to support marketing efforts for the launch.

May we all slay our dragons. Much love.

Mikhail Kozorovitskiy
Founder, Datalus, Inc

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