October 2022 Monthly Update


Welcome friends to our first monthly update as Datalus, Inc. We've re-incorporated in Delaware and are in the process of issuing shares to existing shareholders. I have a few other ongoing updates I am excited to share. Overall, we are in a head down, build-the-mvp, while saving funds mode.


I am super pumped about a new team member joining us this week on a fractional part-time basis. We are finalizing an agreement where he is taking a massive cut to join the project a few hours a week. His focus at first will be to help with the plugin but I hope the role expands significantly with additional funding.


There are several ongoing efforts focused on the MVP.

The Plugin

The new hire is focused on this project and funds will be in place to support the work for the next 5 months.

Website & Marketplace

We have a new site look developed originally by Min that we are implementing with a new website refresh coming in early October. I am resuming focused work on the api and data structure.

Founder University

We completed the program this week and should receive our investment back next week. It was an amazing experience to pitch Launch this week. Though we were not in the top three of 11 there is still a chance for further involvement.

Next Up

In October expect a lot of changes to the website, we'll be posting new updates, a new design, and changing the structure.
By the end of the month, we will get basic login functionality.
Announcement for new hire asap.

Thanks all for your continued support, I've learned a ton and look forward to sharing this iteration of Datalus with you and the world.

Mikhail Kozorovitskiy
Founder, Datalus, Inc

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