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We are excited to announce our acceptance into the Velocity Accelerator 2022 cohort. Velocity is a local accelerator in Birmingham, Alabama, that provides 50K in financing in exchange for 6% equity via a convertible note. Velocity also provides mentoring through their 13-week program to help us refine our product, market fit, and launch! We are excited by so many things in this program and want to share our gameplan.

First, we are excited about the inferred value this places on our company of $833,000. This is below the theoretical value of the D Coin we hold based on our previous sale of $.009092 per D Coin ($DCN). The value of our coin supply sits at $2.7 million. However, it is more realistic and gives us room to grow as we move forward with our D Coin presale.

Second, we are excited about being part of a local accelerator, hosted by the Innovation Depot, that works to support the startup ecosystem along with the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama. We are a global company, but supporting Birmingham and our startup ecosystem is a personal goal. Being in Velocity helps us both grow and cement our roots in the city.

Last, we are incredibly excited about the mentors and the program to help our team's abilities grow. Here we will be focused on making sure we grow competently in terms of the table stakes of accurate accounting, taxes, and legal coverage. On the product side, we are still working on our market fit and making sure we are really creating a product that serves our users and the world.

In 2021, we founded, grew and pivoted. In 2022, with the help of Velocity, our advisors, and D' believers, we plan on "accelerating" to launch and beyond. Check out our current timeline, our browser preview, and our plans for the D Coin. Signup for our mailing list to stay updated of these and other developments at datalus.us.

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