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I am proud of the amazing advisors that have come on to help guide Datalus. I had asked each one of them to join because of their subject matter expertise. Yet, when it came to Web 3 technologies like crypto, tokens, NFT, and smart contracts, I ignored their instincts, expertise and advice. I firmly opposed crypto on the basis that it all amounted to a ponzi scheme and that smart contracts were not important to the Datalus Corporation. I could not have been more wrong.

The blockchain, a type of decentralized database on which most crypto currencies, tokens, and smart contracts depend on, is a tool that allows decentralization of authority and authentication. Many such networks exist like bitcoin, etherium, solana, and many others that are hosted by people and organizations all around the world. These networks specify how decisions are made and transactions processed on the network. As data stores, they also have a complete history of every update, authenticated by multiple computers and unchangeable, unfudgable in industry parlance. These systems support many digital currencies to be traded with confidence and transparency. Anything on the blockchain can be authenticated as original allowing its use for art in NFTs and Smart Contracts in business. These tools on the blockchain encompass Web 3.

We are building the Datalus Data Marketplace on one such blockchain to create a fair and transparent marketplace backed by the Sonala blockchain that authenticates offers, data buyers, and users without compromising user anonymity. We'll do this by creating a record of every data sale between an anonymous wallet and a company offer for data purchase and domain permission through the movement of our crypto token, the D Coin. The user will then be able to donate their share or take it to a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) to trade it for other tokens and currency.

Cryptocurrency, like modern fiat currency, depends on the belief that you will be able to exchange it for goods and services and that its value will stay the same, rise, or at least not fall by a significant amount. Looking at recent inflation, we know this is not the case for many currencies. If you had a USD at the start of this year, it would be worth 6% less today, meaning you could exchange it for 6% fewer goods. However, if you had invested that same dollar in Shiba tokens, you would have over 860 just a week ago. Fiat currencies are backed by governments while crypto currencies are backed by organizations and individuals. I want people to take a bet on Datalus Specifically, that our method of minimizing user ads and creating a data market will provide the best value for users and advertisers.

Data Buyers and advertisers will be able to set a monthly spend in USD for their offers and we will translate it to D Coin and serve as the exchange to move those coins directly into the hands of users that opt in to share their data.This will create two levels of users in Datalus with differing data value. Those authenticated to receive USD and cleared by the US government and those that just want to browse anonymously but still want to make money or donate their browsing data.

A week ago, we made the pivot. Steven, our Master of Coin (a new position) minted 3 billion D Coins that we will deploy to do good around the world, fund our development, and bring real financial rewards to our users and their causes. Web 3 is here to stay and Datalus Corporation will be a pioneer here as we work to build a better browsing experience that compensates our users. Over the next few weeks, we'll be announcing more exciting changes. With your help, 2022 will be the year of browsing better and January 1 will be the beginning of D Coin. I invite you to join us to build the people's browser and sign up on the website to get updates

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