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Some of us ar just getting ready to celebrate New Year's Eve but for a few in the Pacific, it is now 2022. Happy New Year to you and to everyone who is about to celebrate!

New Year's Eve has always been an important holiday for me, to shed the old, and bring in the new, to change perspectives, ideas, and dreams. This year, I want to share with you the dream my team and I have been building over the last few months and will continue to build through 2022 and beyond.

That dream is the Datalus Ecosystem with a privacy first Datalus browser that protects users and offers an excellent browsing experience with built in support for web3 tools. Then, it allows users to sell their data to companies on our marketplace in exchange for D Coin. This trifecta of Browser, Marketplace, and D Coin will create a self sustaining product that can help people browse better.

Today, I am excited to announce the immediate availability of Datalus Browser Preview for Windows for all users. Get it here!

It doesn't have all our features of cross device wallets, secure data collection, ehnaced dns obfiscation, or multi profile support. It is just a cleaned up fork of firefox that will not track you.

In accordince with the Mozilla Public License, we are also releasing the source code. Is available here.

More operating systems to come this month, so sign up for updates. Join us on reddit /r/datalus or on telegram and let us know what you think or just yell at us on Twitter.

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